WPC – Change The Color Every Day

The Seven Colors of Cambodian Traditional Attire

The Seven Colors of Cambodian Traditional Attire

If you have the opportunity to visit Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and you wanna take it as a special moment, why don’t you try a fun but nice way to wander around the palace complex? Try to wear proper modest attire and follow the right color of the day!

Well, there is a traditional belief that one color per day will bring luck, happiness and prosperity, so they allocate seven colors to different days of the week.

  • Bright Red is for Sunday
  • Orange or Dark Yellow is for Monday
  • Purple is for Tuesday
  • Leaf bud color is for Wednesday
  • Green is for Thursday
  • Dark Blue is for Friday
  • Red Violet or Eggplant color is for Saturday

Women, usually wear a traditional clothes, called as Sampot Chang Kben or alternatively a Sarong for the lower garment with the color depends on the day; and a white tops like Kebaya.

For men, aargh… just follow the color of the day, except you want to wear Sampot (it’s like an Indian Dhoti 🙂 )

So, when you visit Royal Palace next time, remember to change your cloth and follow the color of the day for your attire. It is not an obligation but sure, it’s just for fun…


In response to The Daily Post – Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme : Change


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