The Freshness After The Rain

When is it actually best to go to Cambodia? Many guidebooks or blog posts recommend to go to Cambodia in its best season, in the season that is neither too hot nor rainy which usually falls from November to March. The weather was cool and windy with an average temperature that the human body could tolerate. The problem is that at that time, the accommodations are usually fully-booked and rather expensive, and the tourist spots, included Angkor Archaeological Park, are also crowded with visitors. That season is often called High or Peak Season for tourist visits.

In the other hand there is a period, -when the tourists are very low and the accommodations from hotel to lodges offer more discounts-, which is usually called the low season. But unfortunately, the weather at that time was not friendly at all. In April to May, the weather is so hot, it feels like the sun is overhead directly. This situation can make tourists dehydrated while exploring the Angkor complex or while on the beach.

Meanwhile, from September to October, the weather in Cambodia can be very wet. It rains heavily and often results in flooding. The Mekong River that also crosses Cambodia, as well as the Tonle Sap River, which is one of the tributaries of the Mekong, usually overflows during these months. Exploring the Angkor complex during heavy rain and flooding is certainly not fun at all.

Between the two situations that are quite extreme, -cool but expensive and crowded; to less crowded but scorching sun or even floods-, there is a season known as the shoulder period. This shoulder season occurs from July to August. In Cambodia, it is mostly wet because of the rain with high humidity levels. But we can feel the freshness because of the green scenery. You could say, the atmosphere is emerald green.

I’ve been to Angkor during this season and what I saw was pleasing to my eyes. When I landed in Siem Reap in the morning, it was still drizzling. The roads were wet and slightly watery in some places. Some people still used an umbrella although the rain had stopped.

The road to Siem Reap After the Rain
Small Market After the Rain
A grand hotel after the rain

Even so, I could feel the freshness in the air at that time. I felt the air was clean and really fresh. Especially when you are in the Angkor temple complex.

The forest that surrounds Angkor Wat was very lush and green. Although the shoes were a bit wet due to walking through the grass, I couldn’t ignore the fresh feeling that was felt and covered the body. The view in the temple complex which had registered as one of The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Cambodia was truly refreshing and indulgent for the eyes.

Upon entering the area of Angkor Thom, -along the east side of city-, I passed two groups of temple buildings, called The Kleangs. The North and South Kleangs, may at one time had been part of the palace. The buildings were dated from the reign of Jayavarman V.

Among the green grass, near The Kleangs, there was a pond that was formed naturally due to the rain. And in that ‘sudden’ pool, I saw three Cambodian kids are playing with joy on their faces. Happiness is so simple…

The sudden pond near The Kleangs

This post was written in response to the weekly challenge from Celina’s Blog, Srei’s Notes, Cerita Riyanti, and also A Rhyme In My Heart, which is the 45th week of 2020 has the theme of  After The Rain, so we are encouraged ourselves to write articles weekly. If you are interested to take part in this challenge, we welcome you… and of course we will be very happy!

7 thoughts on “The Freshness After The Rain

  1. Saya dulu ke Angkor bulan Juli, itupun perasaan udah lumayan panas. Gak kebayang kalo ke sananya pas puncak musim kering. Apalagi saya di sana kemana-mana selalu naik sepeda. Tapi liat foto-foto Mbak Riyanti jadi kangen ke sana lagi, mengunjungi beberapa candi yang dulu belum sempet dikunjungi, termasuk Banteay Srei. Duh, tapi itu semua harus nunggu pandemi ini berlalu dulu.

    • Mas Bamaaa…. meskipun sedikit sejuk setelah hujan tapi memang gak bisa menghilangkan sama sekali panasnya Angkor. Saat itu yaa tetap saja berkeringat dan basah lalu sore hari awan tebal dilangit abis itu hujan deres lagi… tapi gak aa yang ngalahin saat April atau Mei. Ampuuun deh.
      Kita semua menunggu pandemi ini berlalu mungkin sampai tahun depan ya. Bahkan setelah vaksin tersedia pun kita tetap harus menunggu pembagiannya sampai 2 kali kan? Kalau mengingat dulu, betapa kemudahan itu di take it for granted yaa… semoga mas Bama dan seluruh keluarga serta teman2 dekat selalu sehat yaa..

      • Iya. Dulu kalau mau kemana tinggal cari tiket murah, cari info tentang visa (kalau ke negara yang butuh visa), terus udah, berangkat. Nanti sih kayaknya kalaupun udah ada vaksin, kalau mau ke luar negeri tetep harus ada semacam sertifikat bebas Covid mungkin ya. Gara-gara kemungkinan keribetan semacam ini saya jadi kepikiran untuk sementara waktu keliling Indonesia dulu aja deh. Masih banyak banget tempat yang dari dulu saya pengen eksplor tapi belum sempet juga.

        Sambil menunggu waktu itu datang, semoga kita semua dan keluarga diberikan kesehatan ya mbak.

    • waduh… maaf yaaa… hihihi…. ntar kalau pandemi sudah berlalu langsung hajar aja…
      BTW, di komen2 kamu masih terkait ke celina2609 (Celina2609’s blog) bukan Srei’s Notes lho… mungkin itu yang membuat follower nambah ke blog lama tp gak nambah ke blog baru Na..

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