Warm Light on Pink Lotus Flowers

Be like the lotus: 

Trust in the light; Grow through the dirt; Believe in new beginnings

Together with the other people, -meaning a lot of people-, I was sitting and sometimes standing in the edge of a small pool in front of Angkor Wat with the same objective of the visit: to see and enjoy sunrise at the majestic temple in Cambodia. It’s one of the must while visiting Cambodia.

We could do a lot while waiting the golden moment. Some talking to their friends, some taking pictures of the people who were standing surround the pool and some got focuses on the lotus flowers, like me.


Pink lotus

So after the sunrise was over, soon people left the pool. But I didn’t. I still watched the pink lotus flowers that emerged among the green leaves. I believed the magical moments of Nature.

In seconds the warm morning light touched gently on the pink lotus flowers. It seemed fulfilling the promise, the hope of the day. A beautiful new beginning has arrived. A fresh start. A new chapter in life, -that there’s the light after the darkness-, waiting to be written.

Simply, a second chance. 

I was amazed on what I saw. I knew that the sunrise on the beautiful majestic temple usually made people amazed but it was not about sunrise on the temple on that day. It was about the understanding of the warm light on the pink lotus flowers. It was simple, -so seemed to be overlooked-, but it has a deep understanding.

Then it seemed questioning me.

What would you do, if you gain a second chance?


Warm morning light on the lotus flower

This post was written in response to the weekly challenge from Celina’s Blog, Srei’s Notes,  Cerita Riyanti, and also A Rhyme In My Heart, -similar to the old Weekly Photo Challenge from WordPress-, which is the 6th week of 2020 has the theme of Pink, so we are encouraged ourselves to write articles weekly. If you are interested to take part in this challenge, we welcome you… and of course we will be very happy!

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