Red for the Bravery and Good Luck

Have you ever had a chance to be in the center of a place where Khmer New Year being held nationally?

If the question is raised for me, then I can answer it quickly. Yes, last year in Angkor. In April.

April? Yes, mid of April. For those who do not know, the Cambodian people celebrate New Year on 14th April every year.

Well, when I planned to go to Angkor Wat on Khmer New Year, I did not know that Angkor Wat would be appointed as the place where Khmer New Year being held nationally. So when I was finally there, I was so surprised with the situation.


What we will see in front of Angkor Wat in New Year

I could see the merriment of the New Year celebration on the road between the ancient walkway and the floating bridge of Angkor Wat. There was lots of red color. In the vertical Cambodian flags, the red color means the nation, the bravery. And also, there was a lot of red ornaments of the decoration.

As a strong color, red will be used to brighten and give significant color and feeling to the event. As we all know that red color in the culture of Chinese descendant is a symbol of joy, happiness, enthusiasm and good luck. So in every New Year, the Khmer people surely will wish that they will get more joy and happiness, enthusiasm and good luck in the coming year.

By the way, be prepared for being trapped in a long traffic jam with lots of people. it’s crowded and for me, it’s too crowded.

In response to the weekly challenge that Celina and Riyanti created, with the theme for this week: Red

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