Joy and Happiness Are Contagious


The happy children in Preah Vihear


I had a heart-warming experience when I was in Preah Vihear Temple, -a temple that was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for Cambodia and located near the Thai border-, several years ago

When I was there, the land where Preah Vihear Temple located was still in a conflict between Thailand and Cambodia. So it was not surprising that I saw the army with weapons guarding the area. Even so, I felt safe exploring the temple with the help of a local guide.

While enjoying the temple, suddenly from the corner, a group of Khmer children came and posed immediately when they saw me carrying a camera. They talked a lot and encouraging although I don’t understand anything. But from their laughter and their body language, I knew they were happy, especially when they saw their photos in my camera. At that time, even though I was in a conflict area with army around, I felt safe and happy by their joyful and happy spirit.

Children everywhere should be the same, no stress, no worries, no need to care the world, they just need to play and to be happy. And that time, they gave it all to me.

Joy and happiness are contagious …


In response to the weekly challenge that Celina and Riyanti created, with the theme for this week: Spirit

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