Colour, Flowers & Smiles



Walking in the middle of the day, -one of the hottest days in Phnom Penh-, perhaps it’s not a nice experience. But I have learnt that if I managed my expectations well, then it would be nothing serious. I thought about the people who work everyday there, getting burnt by the heat of the sun, just for earning some money for living. How could I complain?

Then the heat was really nothing when suddenly I saw these beautiful arranged flowers in front of a kiosk. The combination of flowers and the big colourful umbrella attracted my eyes. Perhaps because I love flowers or colours, or just it’s a good sign of the day that I could see something beautiful under the heat.

Perhaps Nature wants me to smile whatever the situation was… or perhaps Nature wanted me to be in harmony together, seeing the colours, smile, and then understood that colours are the smiles of it.

Colours are the smiles of Nature – Leigh Hunt

In response to the challenge that we, Celina and I, created as a substitute for the Weekly Photo Challenge from WordPress, which for the year 2019 Week 1 has the theme: Colorful Everywhere, so that we are both encouraged to post articles in blogs every week. If there are readers who want to follow this challenge, we will be happy…



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