WPC – Smile Often To Have Good Life


Cambodian’s Smiles in Tonle Bati

Although it happened several years ago, I could not forget the cheers I felt being among the Cambodian girls at Tonle Bati, a weekend tourist area with small lake around 30 kms south of Phnom Penh.  We did the girls’ talks and it was full of cheers. The little ones laughed at me when I tried to introduce myself in Khmer language. Perhaps my ‘only-for-survival’ Khmer language was so strange in their ears. 😀 And it wasn’t stop there. Since they knew I was terrible in Khmer language, the following minutes they were racing to teach me Khmer. Ugh, I could not tell you how much I adore my cute little gurus…

And with the older girls, we talked about schools, house-holds, their dreams and many other things. Of course, we talked about the most interesting topic in their age, about boys hahaha…

That was one of memorable moments in my life, being among them, full of smiles, happiness and cheers. A good life.

Yes, I think I could not agree more with somebody’s saying…

A good life is when we smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed we are for what we have.



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