WPC – Its Silence is Too Strong

The memorial of Cheoung Ek

The memorial of Cheoung Ek

It seemed too evil saying that the beauty of the only high risen building in the area is deceiving the eyes, especially for the ignorant people who usually overlooked the meaning. Behind its beauty, it seemed to cover the tragedy which had happened on the place the building is standing now.

Yes, this place is Cheoung Ek, the largest mass grave of the genocidal victims of Khmer Rough which was led by Pol Pot, which took place between 1975 and 1979 and killed more than 1 million people across Cambodia.

However, if we thought further, the building that was built resembling a Buddhist Stupa, might have been intended to keep visitors able to remember the tragedy that have happened without continuing revenge. Visitor, -whose soul that was collapsed or injured due to know the tragedy of humanity had happened in this place-, can pray in silence for the peaceful afterlife of the victims and the goodness of the family, if any.

This memorial building has a strong power. Even without knowing any details on what had happened decades ago, its atmosphere can make the visitor’s head look down, bind the hands and pray. The power of the building, is too strong. Its silence.


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