WPC – Ancient Collage

Ancient Collage

When Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge asked us to submit a photo with the topic of Collage, a question was came up into my mind. How about an ancient ‘collage’? While currently collage is related to paper, but I try something different, stones!

Yes, we can see the ancient ‘collage’, like picture above, on the outer wall of Bayon Temple, Angkor complex, Cambodia which was built around 12th to early 13th century.

On upper part of the photo we can see bottom part of a rowboat with full of people inside. We can see lots of fishes and sea creatures around the boat. Then below the boat, we can see the trees and animals which should normally live on land. And at the bottom right corner we can see a man knelt near a tree.  The ‘collage’ told us about the daily life around the temple at that time, at least as told by the guide based on the history book 😀



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