WPC – The Topiary Trees

Although it is a little bit simplified, there are two types of people in the world, those who love topiary trees and those who don’t. And I belong to the first group because I am always amazed to the trees which look differently and artistic. The people behind the eye-catching trees must have a special art technique and skill of trimming and shaping.

However, I can understand if people, -who don’t like-, find those trees artificial and against the nature. But it is about preference, isn’t it? 🙂

In Cambodia, there is at least one place where I can enjoy the topiary trees which is located at Royal Palace garden in Phnom Penh. Although it is more like a mixed topiary garden, but I can still enjoy the beautiful trees with various shapes.

About the right side of the Preah Thineang Chan Chaya or Moonlight Pavilion, -the balcony that located alongside a section of palace walls-, there is a large mushroom topiary tree. It looks spectacular with the dense leaves although it was under re-trimming at the time I took the photograph (and I wonder how difficult it will be for a gardener trimming the big tree)

And among the buildings with traditional Khmer roof we can see many trees sculpted into rings topped with a cone. It looks like a Christmas tree without any decorations. Furthermore, a walking distance from the Throne Hall area, we can see at least one topiary tree with balloon shape. Ah, I won’t get bored being in the unique garden with shallow hedge and large topiary trees.

A Mushroom Topiary Tree

The topiary trees

Balloon Shape tree

Topiary garden

Topiary Gardens


In front of Throne Hall

The Victory Gate

Mixed garden


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