WPC – Stone Path

Monochrome from the temple

A Long Stone path

Centuries ago, the Khmer people have built so many beautiful temples that some still survive until now while others did not have the chance (to strive) against nature.

Baphuon temple was among of these temples which needed a very long restoration process. In 2011 the restoration of Baphuon temple was completed and visitors can enjoy the beauty of this temple through a long walkway.

The long walkway that connects the main temple from the gate was made of stone with the height about 1.5meter from the ground. Of course, at the time of its construction the Khmer people put stones one by one following the design, day after day tirelessly and relentlessly continued to work until one day a magnificent temples was built in front of their eyes.

And that the results of their work, lasting for centuries later…

Seeing the Baphuon’s long walkway, -if we can talk to ourselves-, there will be a question. Could we do the similar thing? Leave something important that will endure for generations?

Back to basic. Nothing is impossible. We just have to take the first step. An action. Because life is a choice. We are carving our own path of life, so we should make it worthwhile.



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