WPC – There Is Always A Better Way


The main yard of Silver Pagoda through a window

Sometimes we can see something differently through a window although we see the same object frequently. As we can see on the above photo, there are the equestrian statue of King Norodom, a memorial stupa of royal family and the spires of traditional Khmer roofs where all is located in the main yard of Silver Pagoda, adjacent to the Royal Palace.

But when I saw this photo again, I saw Cambodia in a smaller scale. There were heavy clouds hanging in the sky over the city of Phnom Penh, but hei… a bird was flying. It’s a good sign.

Although it’s not easy to struggle, but Cambodian people do their best to stand high from the dark time, the time when the regime of Khmer Rouge had the power of causing death almost one third of total Cambodian population, included the proficient and talented people with brilliant brains and the rich culture of Cambodia as well. It still affects to the people, especially the older generation.

It is familiar to see many young and old people in Cambodia, but less in between. Yes, there’s still a generation gap between the young and old Cambodian people because of the genocide.

But as we all know, the past is the lesson, the present is the gift and the future is the motivation.

Now Cambodia is one of the countries that has leader whose power for more than three decades.  This is like the heavy clouds on the sky. There is possibility to be the storm or winds will reduce the clouds to make a sunny day. The young generation want a change but is it the perfect time? That’s the question. Sometimes change is good. Change means what was before wasn’t perfect, people want things to be better. But what’s better? Who will have the direct impacts for the change and for how long? A long list of questions still dancing in my mind. Can we see the recurrence of the dark time happened again in Cambodia?  It’s not perfect, but I saw peaceful daily life in Cambodia these days and I wish the best for Cambodia people…

I believe, there is always a better way…


In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme of New Horizon

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