WPC – The Magic of Victory


Victory Sign on a tree :D

Victory Sign on a tree 😀

Beng Mealea Temple, a remote Angkorian temple which is located about 40km east of the main complex of Angkor. The temple that is registered as the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is one of my favorite temples in Cambodia. Unlike the majestic Angkor Wat or Bayon ‘Faces’ temple, most of the buildings of Beng Mealea temple were collapsed. But for me, the ruins itself are its main power of attraction.

In the center of the ruined main building, I found an interesting photo spot. I saw small leaves near a hole on a trunk of an old tree. I could make a V-sign that came out from the hole. As we all know the V-sign, – a hand gesture which is made by raising and parting our index and middle fingers while the other fingers are clenched-, is a symbol of Victory. It was like a magic, among the ruins and old tree, there was still a victory sign of life. The small leaves…

Growth is the only evidence of life – John Henry Newman



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