WPC – Sunday Afternoon With The Locals

The Little Girl and The Monks

The Little Girl and The Monks

Phnom Penh, Sunday afternoon…

Sunday afternoon is always the time which the Cambodians are waited for. They can gather together, to  chit-chat with their loved ones or wander around the square in front of Royal Palace or along the Mekong’s riverside. It’s the perfect time for watching flocks of birds flying and circling in the Phnom Penh’s sky from the roofs of buildings in Royal Palace’s complex.

At that time Celina – my travel buddy – and I mingled among the people and were talking to the monks who had spare time from the monasteries. Suddenly a cute little girl, – around 2 or 3 years old -, came before the monks and talked adorably to the men who wore their Buddhist orange or saffron robes. Although my friend and I could not understand what they talked about, – because they communicated in Khmer -, but no need to understand the language, from the body language of the little girl and the smiles of the monks, we know it was a happy talk.

Well, I know they became the representatives of local people of Cambodia that always have a happy face with smile on it.






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