WPC – The Quest For Future

Akar dari Pohon Fig yang sudah Mati

A dead tree on a building, Preah Khan temple

Throughout centuries and hundreds years, the trees in the jungle has mercilessly to reclaimed Ta Prohm temple, a wondrous ancient temple in in Angkor Archaeological Park which is known as the site where Angelina Jolie took scenes for Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider movie. Those trees which more than 50 meters height in some place were engulfing those buildings with giant roots and weakening the structure of the ancient buildings to the point of collapsing.

But the teams with environmental experts from a country have brought a strategy for managing the environment around the ancient monument which is prefer to preserve the forest and environment. Taking care of the tree’s health is prioritized and cutting a tree is nearly impossible. The trees that were taken care by them will support the structure of the buildings.

Well, Ta Prohm is still unforgettable sights with it giant trees covering the ancient temples. People love that kind of sight.

But one question should come to one’s mind…

Will the trees co-operate?

Well, different to the site of Ta Prohm temple, visitors can see a bit difference of environmental preservation in Preah Khan temple, another beautiful temple in Angkor Archaeological Park which is located outside of Angkor Thom complex and in the bank of a baray (manmade lake)

In Preah Khan, visitors can see a dead tree, being cut down, above a temple, as seen in above photo.

The teams who handle the restoration of the temple complex come from different country with different strategy. They preferred the safety of visitors and the local people who are around the site and of course the intact existence of the temple itself. The branches of the trees with aging problems can fall suddenly on a sunny day without even a strong wind and larger complex will come with more possibilities. Sure people do not want to accept the trees become the devil of disguise, as the reason of a collapsed temple.

Well, it is all a matter of perspective, but it is the quest for the future of our world heritage…



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