WPC – Mirror, What We See On The Other Side

Angkor Wat, -a symbol of Cambodia since it appears on the flag-, is a major tourist destination. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Cambodia, every year millions of tourists are coming to the majestic temple which is located 7 km north of Siem Reap.

Usually the tourists take pictures from a small pond in front of the temple which will give a beautiful temple’s reflection on the water.

The normal view of Angkor Wat during the day…


Angkor Wat and the reflection


The temple is not only captured during the day…

The tourists has come to this place since early morning, before sunrise. They usually leave their hotel around 5 AM in the morning, just to take the silhouette of the temple with the blue sky as the background and the temple’s reflection on the pond during sunrise.

The pond in front of the temple is a true superb spot, with the water functioning as a mirror, makes the wonderful images of the temple go around the world millions of times

Angkor Wat during the sunrise

Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Sunrise at Angkor Wat


And think what we’ll see on the other side…


The other side of the pond… 


The sunrise seeker in Angkor Wat

Lots of people!



In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with Mirror as the theme for the week


7 pemikiran pada “WPC – Mirror, What We See On The Other Side

  1. LOL, love your shot of “the other side”. Wonderful idea. When I visited Angkor Wat there were huge green scaffolds hung all over the facade. I almost cried when I first saw them. But after a bit of editing I was able to clean up the shots and get some wonderful captures. Yours are beautiful

    • Yeah… perhaps I was a little bit playing with the title which is connected indirectly between the mirror and the rest of the phrase. But it’s really fun being there at that time.
      BTW, I remember about the green scaffolds hung over the center facade. I was there as well. Ruin the photos LOL but it’s time to capture the different angle…

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