WPC – Rare Smile


The Smile of An Apsara – Showing Her Teeth

There is only one Apsara, -a female spirit of the clouds and waters in Hindu mythology-, out of almost 2000 carved in Angkor Wat that is smiling and showing her teeth. For those who had not been to Angkor Wat, the Apsaras usually smile without showing their teeth.

This Apsara with beautiful garments, jewelry and ornate hairdresses is located on the wall facing East, just south of the southern gopuram and almost concealed behind the gateway. The reason she grinned or showed her teeth remains a mystery until now. But perhaps the maker was in the mood to create something different based on what he had in mind.


Other Apsaras in Angkor Wat


This post was made in response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme of Rare for this week.


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