WPC – Jubilant Face of Bamboo Train’s Driver

The driver of Cambodia's Bamboo Train

The driver of Cambodia’s Bamboo Train

Cambodia’s bamboo trains or ‘norry’ in local language is a famous experience which tourists must have when they visit Battambang. Those norries are simply operated using a small motorcycle engine on the old rail tracks near Battambang which some of the tracks are warped and often broken. But it can be fast, more than 30km/hour.

So you can see the smile on jubilant face of the driver of a bamboo train when he operated the norry on top speed with a cigarette between his fingers holding the engine while I was bouncing up and down on the bamboo because of the oblique, uneven and warped tracks. But it’s absolutely fun… 😀

In response to the Daily Post – Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Jubilant

3 thoughts on “WPC – Jubilant Face of Bamboo Train’s Driver

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  2. And your bamboo train driver looked happy to pose for you. Sounds like it was a bumpy ride that you enjoyed. It must have been fun, and fun to see your driver multi-tasking and driving you around safely 😀

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