A State Of Mind In One Beautiful Day

A Monk in Red Robe in Bayon Temple

A Monk in Red Robe in Bayon Temple

Have you ever thinking of something and expect it to be happened then it’s happened in front of you? I am grateful quite often experiencing it, including the time when I took the above photo.

That time, about to sunset, I was too late to watch the sunset at Phnom Bakheng, the common place to see sunset at Angkor Archaeological Complex. I preferred to go to Bayon Temple. Not many people choose to enjoy the sunset in this place, even the sunset was not visible. But I like to see the light of the sun in the afternoon on the unique faces of Bayon at this temple. For me, it’s too exotic.

As I walked on the path of the temple, I was hoping to meet Buddhist monks in red or orange robes, so I could capture them to strengthen my photos. As far as I know, pretty much Buddhist monks in their colored robes visited this temple. As I thought about them, at the same time at my right I looked a Buddhist monk in his red robe standing in front of a window of the temple with the trees and the afternoon’s light as the background. It was happening again in front of me what I thought in my mind. What a beautiful day!

State of Mind


6 pemikiran pada “A State Of Mind In One Beautiful Day

  1. This is such a lovely shot, and I love the soft lighting all around the Buddhist monk. It’s a very peaceful kind of photo, and the odds of being there certainly worked in your favour. I love it when I am thinking of something to happen, and then it happens in front of me. It is a nice feeling 🙂

    • Well, That’s what blogs are for… I can also see the beauties of the world and the wonderful stories from your blog and vice versa 🙂
      Anyway, thank you so much for the lovely comment… stay healthy!

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