WPC – Bright & Dark Face For Life Imitates Art


The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for this week asks us to find inspiration in a piece of art then we have to imitate it. I remember I have a photo in Bayon Temple, Angkor Archaeological Park which is related to the topic of this week: Life Imitates Art

Bayon is one of my favorite temples in Angkor complex. It has a lot of stunning faces especially during sunset or sunrise time, even in broad daylight when we prefer to be in the chambers of the temple. Through its windows we can still see the faces of Bayon, like what I did a couple years ago. Actually I never get bored to visit Bayon temple.

About the above photo, I took my husband’s silhouette with one of the Bayon face as the background. It totally shows the bright and dark side of a head and it reminds me to a nice quote,

Everyone has a bright side and a dark side, a past and a future, if you fall in love then you have to embrace both


5 pemikiran pada “WPC – Bright & Dark Face For Life Imitates Art

  1. Suka banget sama postingan ini…
    Karena makin bikin aku kangen kronis sama Kamboja, siluetnya juga kereeennn, dan yang paling utama, aku suka banget dengan quotesnya… Ungkapan isi hati yang terdalam ya, mbak.. 😉

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