WPC – Weight(less): Yellow Balloon in Angkor

Yellow Balloon in Angkor

Yellow Balloon in Angkor

I was in the Bakan, the most sacred area in the highest level in Angkor Wat when I saw this yellow balloon. It’s an alternative for the tourists to get some great panoramas of Angkor area on a clear day.

The balloon with the maximum capacity of 30 people is not actually flying a tour , because it’s attached to a rope and ascents around 200 meters, then descents after floating a while. Because the distance between the balloon area and Angkor Wat is relatively close, -only 1 km to the west-, the passengers will get beautiful views of Angkor and surroundings, especially during sunset or sunrise.

Well, I’ve never tried this one, because some friends said that the ticket wasn’t cheap, -almost the same to the price of Angkor’s one day pass-, and lasts only for 10 minutes.

For those who have already been to Angkor, did you have tried this one? Is it really good???


In response to the DP’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Weight(less)


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