WPC – Gathering For The Sunrise

Gathering for the sunrise

Gathering for the sunrise

Most of us do not know each other, but we are gathering in the same place, near a pond in Angkor Wat, in the same time, starting in early morning for the one and only reason: watching sunrise.

Well, almost everyday a lot of people get to gather with the same objective, capturing the sunrise moment in Angkor Wat.  People come each morning, at the earliest, before 5.00 AM, even the darkness of the night still covers the temple. They walk on the causeway, step on the stairs, walk through the darkness of the temple’s aisle with their own lamp. They try to be the first people on site, to take the best location. They sit or stand then wait near the pond, hope for the clear sky and be able to capture sunrise in the most majestic temple in Cambodia and its reflection on the water of the pond. Some prepare themselves with the pose of holding the sun, or touching the peak of Angkor Wat or other love symbols.

Then after sunrise one by one the people leave the spot, some of them continue to explore the temple, some other go back to have their breakfast. Ah, sometimes it’s beautiful watching two people lovingly act silly together behaving as though no one else existed; or a group of people act funny things together.

It cannot avoided that watching sunrise in Angkor Wat is memorable moment, but seeing the eagerness of the people who  want to watch sunrise is different joyful experience.

Always keep your eyes open,

Keep watching, because whatever you see can inspire you


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