WPC – A Treat For The Soul

National Museum - garden of the inner yard

National Museum – garden of the inner yard

Being in the middle of a nice garden is always a luxurious treat for me. Besides catching the beauty on my eyes, for me, it always brings peace in mind. What is better than people in peace?

As shown in the photo, I was sitting in the garden in the inner yard of National Museum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; and seeing the beautiful roof with traditional Khmer Architecture with nice green environment around me. The weather was just perfect, balanced between the heat of the sun -which was not so intense-, and the pleasantly winds. After performing a quick introspection, a meditation, self-analysis whatever it called, I felt so comfortable.

What I felt was not so different than a person next to me. He’s an artist who was trying to capture the beauty into his canvas. I am not a painter, but at that time I knew from the movement of his hands it would be a beautiful painting.

May you find peace in all things you touch. May your energy only attract people you’ll come to love and may your heart be content with that


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