WPC – The Spires of Throne Hall From Every Angle

Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is like a magnet for me. I always spare time to visit the place that becomes one of my favorite places in Cambodia. I love its perfect size, it is not small but not too big. Surrounded with the well-maintained park, watching the beautiful Khmer architecture from every angle in the shade of the trees for me is priceless.

The most important building in the complex is the Throne Hall or Preah Thineang Dheva Vinnichay Mohai Moha Prasat in Khmer that means the Sacred Seat of Judgement. This cross-shaped building is crowned with three spires and the 59 meter central spire is topped with the white four-faces Brahma. These beautiful spires decorate the sky of Phnom Penh especially the riverside area


The current Throne Hall was built in 1917, actually was the second after the first one which was demolished in 1915. It is still in use today as a place for royal ceremonies and a formal meeting for the guests of the King.

Did you have been here? I love to hear what you think about this place…

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